My Amazing Book of Maps Book - 10


Chapter-1 India : Political Divisions, Chapter-2 India : Major Soil Types, Chapter-3 India : Land Utilization, Chapter-4 India : Forest Areas, 2001, Chapter-5 India : Wildlife, Chapter-6 India : Major Rivers and Dams, Chapter-7 India : River Basin, Chapter-8 India : Means of Irrigation, Chapter-9 India : Net Sown Area Under Irrigation, Chapter-10 India : Intensity of Cropping - 2011, Chapter-11 India : Deserts, Chapter-12 India : Main Rice Produting Areas, Chapter-13 India : Main Wheat Producting Areas, Chapter-14 India : Sugarcane and Spices, Chapter-15 India : Cotton ,Jute and Rubber Producting Areas, Chapter-16 India : Coffee, Tea and Tobacco Producting Areas, Chapter-17 India : Coalfields, Chapter-18 India : Oilfileds and Pipelines, Chapter-19 India : Nuclear and Thermal Power Stations, Chapter-20 India : Major Hydel Power Stations, Chapter-21 India : Iron-ore Mines, Chapter-22 India : Other Minerals, Chapter-23 India : Textile industries, Chapter-24 India : Agro-based Industries, Chapter-25 India : Forest-based Industries, Chapter-26 India : Chemical, Cement and Fertilizer Industries, Chapter-27 India : Transport Based Industries, Chapter-28 India : Software Industries, Chapter-29 India : Major Rail Routes, Chapter-30 India : Golden Quadrilateral, Chapter-31 India : National Highway, Chapter-32 India : National Highway Development Project, Chapter-33 India : Major Air Routes, Chapter-34 India : Major Seasports, Chapter-35 India : Incidence of Poverty, Chapter-36 Tsunami : The Killer Sea Waves, Chapter-37 India : Seismic Zones, Chapter-38 India : Majora Earthquake, Chapter-39 India : Flood Prone Areas, Chapter-40 India : Major Landslides, Chapter-41 India : Cyclones, Chapter-42 Europe after the Congress of Vienna 1815 AD, Chapter-43 Habsburg Empire, 1848 AD, Chapter-44 Unificaiton of Germany, 1866 - 1871 AD, Chapter-45 Italian States before the Unification, 1858 AD, Chapter-46 Italian States after the Unification, Chapter-47 Location of Indo-China, Chapter-48 Nationalists Movements in Indo-China, Chapter-49 The ho Chi Minh Trail, Chapter-50 India : Main Centres of the Freedom Movements, Chapter-51 India : Main Centres of the Freedom Movements, 1857 AD, Chapter-52 India : Main Centres of the Peasant Movements in Early 19th Century, Chapter-53 India : Main Centres of the Tribal Movements in Early 19th Century, Chapter-54 India : Main Centres of the Peasant & Workers Movements in the 20th Century, Chapter-55 India : Main Centres of the Non-Cooperation Movement, Chapter-56 India : Main Centres of the CIvil-Disobedience Movement, Chapter-57 India : Main Centres Associated with the Indian Naitonal COngress 1885 -1947 AD, Chapter-58 Colonical Africa at the End of the 19th Century, Chapter-59 Independent Nations of Africa, Chapter-60 The Trade Routes that Linked India to the World at the End of the 19th Century, Chapter-61 Industrial Revolution in England, 1780 - 1850 AD, Chapter-62 India : Location of Large-Scale Industries, 1931 AD, Chapter-63 Growth of London (1600 - 1900 AD), Chapter-64 Bombay


My Amazing Book of Maps series is based on the latest prescribed curriculum of the Social scineces. The Series covers relevant and contemporary topics prescribed in the Social Scinece Textbooks of Classes 6th to 10th. Maps are an absolute necessary tool of a geographer. He needs them to understans events, facts and environmental themes. Today, maps have become absolutely essential not only for the study of Geography but also for other disciplines.