My Amazing Book of Maps Book - 7


Chapter-1 Components of the Natural Environment, Chapter-2 Interior of the Earth, Chapter-3 Rocks and Minerals, Chapter-4 Changing Landforms, Chapter-5 The Rock Cycle, Chapter-6 World : Volcanic Regions, Earthquake Belts and Lava Plateaus, Chapter-7 The Structure of the Atmosphere, Chapter-8 Permanent Pressure Belts, Chapter-9 World : Major Water Bodies, Chapter-10 World : Ocena's Salinity and Temperature, Chapter-11 World : Ocean Currents, Chapter-12 World : Natural Vegetation, Chapter-13 World : Major Rail Routes, Chapter-14 World : Major Air and Sea Routes, Chapter-15 World : Major Grasslands, Chapter-16 Tropical Regions : Amazon Basin (South America) Chapter-17 Sub-Tropical Regions : Ganga-Brahmaputra Basin (India), Chapter-18 World : Hot and Cold Deserts, Chapter-19 Temperate Regions-Prairies, Chapter-20 Temperate Regions-High Veld (Africa), Chapter-21 Hot Desert : Sahara (Africa), Chapter-22 Cold Desert : Ladakh (India), Chapter-23 India : AD 700 - AD 1200, Chapter-24 India : Empire of Ghori (AD 1173 - AD 1206), Chapter-25 India : Delhi Sllutanate in AD 1236, Chapter-26 India : Empire of Ala-ud-din Khalji (1296 - 1316 AD), Chapter-27 India : Empire of Muhammad Bin Tuglaq (1320 - 1413 AD), Chapter-28 India : Lodhi Empire (1451 - 1526 AD), Chapter-29 India : Late 14th and Early 15th Century AD, Chapter-30 India : Empire of Sher Shah Suri (1540-1545 AD), Chapter-31 India : Mughal Empire - Akbar, Chapter-32 India : Forts, Palaces and Other Buildings, Chapter-33 India : Temple, Towns and Pilgrimage Centers, Chapter-34 India : Some of the Major Indian Tribes, Chapter-35 India : The Bhakti Saints and the Regions Associated with Them, Chapter-36 India : Centres of Regional Culture (Paintings), Chapter-37 18th Century : Political Formation, Chapter-38 India : Marathas in 18th Century, Chapter-39 India : Mughal Empire (Aurangzeb), Chapter-40 India : Marathas In 1680 A.D.


My Amazing Book of Maps series is based on the latest prescribed curriculum of the Social scineces. The Series covers relevant and contemporary topics prescribed in the Social Scinece Textbooks of Classes 6th to 10th. Maps are an absolute necessary tool of a geographer. He needs them to understans events, facts and environmental themes. Today, maps have become absolutely essential not only for the study of Geography but also for other disciplines.