Courage, perseverance and a strong belief in one's abilities, led a man burdened by the vicissitudes of life with an opportunity to start a publishing house which was to become one of the leading publishing houses in India. This is the story of the late Shri Gur Das Kapur and the culmination of his efforts, the house of Gur Das Kapur and Sons.

Shri GurDasKapur, initiated his career by joining the business of his grandfather—Uttar Chand Kapur and Sons in 1917. He found his forte after two years of joining his grandfather’s firm, when he moved into the publishing division. His energetic and indefatigable efforts were an asset to the firm’s publishing division to which his contributions were tremendous. Over two decades the enterprise consolidated itself in the publishing industry with Shri Gur Das Kapur overlooking the publishing.

Circumstances led to his Shri Gurdas Kapur starting his own publication, Gur Das Kapur & Sons in 1938. His firm belief in straight forward dealings, an ability to set clear objectives and a vast experience in publishing helped to launch the firm. His skills, energy and undaunted devotion to the business were the bricks on which the foundation of the enterprise was built. With such sound experience and values backing the firm, Gurdas Kapur & Sons, soon rose to be known and accepted as one of the leading publishers of educational textbooks in the region.


In the early 60s, with the nationalization of textbooks in India, the publication had to broaden its avenues. At that time Shri Ram Kapur, the son of Shri Gurdas Kapur was heading the company. He realized the potential of publishing a new range of books for school children according to the prescribed syllabi of NCERT and State Boards for schools. To cater to this he established Navdeep Publications, Publishers of books for Progressive Schools, a fully owned subsidiary of M/s Gurdas Kapur and Sons Pvt. Ltd.

Over 6 decades Navdeep Publication’s product range includes more than 600 hundred titles published in English, Hindi and Regional languages. These include educational material for pre-primary, primary, middle, secondary and senior secondary schools based on the NCERT, CBSE, ICSE and State Boards curriculum. As books are often not enough to help learners understand the subject we have developed many forms of support material. Some of these are: Answers, Workbooks, Teacher’s Handbooks, Quiz Cards, Quiz Games, Videos, CDs, Online Support, besides others. Combinations of these are being packaged with our series. 

Further support to institutions is given in the form of 'in-service teachers training' workshops tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of the institutions such as series-orientation, information technology, time management, Mathematics, Hindi, besides others.


These are simply the beginnings made by the Navdeep Publications. Our development team is working round the clock to make available educational material and support services to cater to the specific needs of educational institutions., we have a vast sales and distribution network controlled through our head office at New Delhi and branches at Jalandhar and Bangalore. For any further information, feel free to contact us.