About us

Our Mission

To produce and make available educational material for Indian students based on the Holistic Approach to Learning and Student Centred Learning that is easy to understand, is interactive and inculcates positive values amongst them so as to help them to develop into global citizens of the 21st Century.

Navdeep Publications, proprietors Gur Das Kapur and Sons Pvt. Ltd is a premier publishing house, established in 1938. With nearly eight decades of experience we produce innovative educational books and material based on the NCERT, CBSE, ICSE and State Boards syllabi.  We have developed books in all major subjects from pre-primary till secondary levels using students centered learning and the holistic approach to learning that are easy to understand, interactive and inculcates positive values amongst learners.

Student-Centered Learning

Navdeep Publications has produced more than 600 titles on all subjects from pre-primary till secondary classes based on Student’s Centered Learning. This approach was developed keeping in view the students to teacher ratio in classes. Using this approach besides classroom teaching learners are motivated to study on their own as well through the use of multimedia like CDs, videos, online material, etc. Observation and activities in subjects help learners to use the discovery method to learn on their own.

Holistic Approach to Learning

The 21st century world is a global village. It is not enough for learners to be aware of their subjects, they need to be made aware of their world and issues like conservation, global warming, ethical issues and more. We developed material based on the Holistic Approach to Learning so learners will be able to navigate the ever-changing world. To make them proficient in the information highway, innumerable IT series were developed, subject series were integrated with IT and ICT and Life Skills and Good Habits were included. To get them ready to effectively manage the situations of life a special Life Education Package has been developed.

Having its head office at New Delhi, offices in Bhopal, Bangalore and Jalandhar, resident sales teams in major Indian cities and a wide distribution network, we have the privilege of servicing educational institutions throughout India and the Middle East. For more information contact us at info@navdeepublications.com