My Amazing Book of Maps Book - 8


Chapter-1 World : Major Land Use, Chapter-2 India : Main Soil Types, Chapter-3 World : Means of Irrigation, Chapter-4 World : Minerals -I, Chapter-5 World : Minerals -II, Chapter-6 World : Major Coalfields, Chapter-7 World : Major Oilfields, Chapter-8 India : Minerals -I, Chapter-9 India : Minerals -II, Chapter-10 World : Arable Land, Chapter-11 World : Types of Forests, Chapter-12 World : major Grasslands, Chapter-13 World : Main Types of Agriculture, Chapter-14 India : Power Resources-I, Chapter-15 India : Power Resources-II, Chapter-16 India : Power Hydel Power Projects, Chapter-17 World : Crops - I, Chapter-18 World : Crops - II, Chapter-19 World : Crops - III, Chapter-20 World : Crops -IV, Chapter-21 World : Crops V, Chapter-22 World : Crops - VI, Chapter-23 India : Crops - I, Chapter-24 India : Crops - II, Chapter-25 India : Crops - III, Chapter-26 India : Crops - IV, Chapter-27 India : Crops - V, Chapter-28 India : Crops - VI, Chapter-29 World : Major Industrial Regions, Chapter-30 World : Iron and Steel Industry, Chapter-31 World : Textile Industry, Chapter-32 World : Information and Technology, Chapter-33 World : Density of Population, Chapter-34 India : Industrial Regions, Chapter-35 India : Iron and Steel Industry, Chapter-36 India : Cotton Textile Industry, Chapter-37 India : Growth of Population, Chapter-38 India : Sex Ratio 2011, Chapter-39 India : Effective Literacy Rate - 2011, Chapter-40 World : Earthquake Belts, Chapter-41 India : Seismic Zones, Chapter-42 India : Flood Prone Areas, Chapter-43 India : Drought Prone Areas, Chapter-44 India : Cyclones, Chapter-45 Routes to India in Eighteenth Century, Chapter-46 India : 1705 AD - European Companies, Chapter-47 India : 1765 AD, Chapter-48 Location of Some Tribal Groups in India, Chapter-49 India : Main Centres of Revolt, Chapter-50 Main Weaving Centres in late 18th Century, Chapter-51 India : Centres of Religious and Social reform Movements, Chapter-52 Important centres of National Movements (1905-1947), Chapter-53 Indian Provinces and Princely States before14 August, 1974, Chapter-54 India : The Making of Linguistic States, Chapter-55 Indian States in 1975


My Amazing Book of Maps series is based on the latest prescribed curriculum of the Social scineces. The Series covers relevant and contemporary topics prescribed in the Social Scinece Textbooks of Classes 6th to 10th. Maps are an absolute necessary tool of a geographer. He needs them to understans events, facts and environmental themes. Today, maps have become absolutely essential not only for the study of Geography but also for other disciplines.