My Amazing Book of Maps Book - 9


Chapter-1 Location of Indin in the World, Chapter-2 India : Extent and Standard Meridian, Chapter-3 India : International highway of Trace and Commerce, Chapter-4 India and the Neighbouring Countries, Chapter-5 India : Political Divisions, Chapter-6 Major Plates of the Earth's Crust, Chapter-7 India : Physical Divisions, Chapter-8 India : Physical Features, Chapter-9 India : Mountain Ranges, Chapter-10 India : Rivers and Lakes, Chapter-11 India : River Basins, Chapter-12 Temperature and Atmospheric Pessure - January, Chapter-13 India : Average Rainfall - January, Chapter-1 4 India : Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure - April, Chapter-15 India : Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure - July, Chapter-16 India : Onset of Monsoon, Chapter-17 India : Average Rainfall - July, Chapter-18 India : Seasonal Rainfall (June-september), Chapter-19 India : Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure - October, Chapter-20 India : Retreating Monsoon, Chapter-21 India : Average Annual Rainfall, Chapter-22 India : Natural Vegetation, Chapter-23 India : Wildlife, Chapter-24 India : Density of Population (2011), Chapter-25 India : Growth of Population (2001-2011), Chapter-26 India : Sex Ratio - 2011, Chapter27 India : Literacy Rate - 2011, Chapter-28 india : Female Literacy Rate - 2011, Chapter-29 India : Urban Population Map for Practice, Chapter-30 Europe : Before the French Revolution, Chapter-31 France : Spread of the Great Fear, Chapter-32 The French Revolution and Europe in 1810, Chapter-33 Europe in 1914 AD During the First World War, Chapter-34 Germanyb after the Treaty of Versailles, Chapter-35 The War Against Bolhevism, Chapter-36 Europe in 1942 AD : Expansion of the Nazi Power, Chapter-37 The OCmmunist Geovernment in Europe After the Second World War, Chapter-38 Forest Transformation in Indonesia, Chapter-39 Pastoral Communities in India, Chapter-40 Pastrol Communities in Africa, Chapter-41 The Captain Swing Movement, 1830-1832 AD, Chapter-42 Enclosure of the Common Fields by Parliamentary Acts, Chapter-43 Forests an Grasslands in USA before the Westward Expansion of hte White Settlers, Chapter-44 The Agricultural Belts in USA in 1920 AD, Chapter-45 The Westward Expansion of the White Settlement, 1775 AD, Chapter-46 The Westward Expansion of the White Settlement 1830 AD, Chapter-47 The Westward Expansion of the White Settlement, 1850 AD, Chapter-48 The Westward Expansion of the White Settlement, 1920 AD, Chapter-49 The Trinagle Trafe, Chapter-50 Cricket and Colonialism


My Amazing Book of Maps series is based on the latest prescribed curriculum of the Social scineces. The Series covers relevant and contemporary topics prescribed in the Social Scinece Textbooks of Classes 6th to 10th. Maps are an absolute necessary tool of a geographer. He needs them to understans events, facts and environmental themes. Today, maps have become absolutely essential not only for the study of Geography but also for other disciplines.