My Amazing Semester Book-5 Term-II


English, Chapter-1 The Crocodile's Toothache, Chapter-2 Louis Braille, Chapter-3 Pandora's Box, Chapter-4 Dear Mr. Examiner, Chapter-5 Determination, Chapter-6 The Irresponsible Prince, Chapter-7 I Saw A New World, Chapter-8 Miss Honey, Mathematics, Chapter-1 Perimeter, Area and Volume, Chapter-2 Measurements, Chapter-3 Money, Chapter-4 Percentage and Simple Interest, Chapter-5 Time, Speed and Distance, Chapter-6 Patterns, Chapter-7 Data Handling, Science, Chapter-1 Air and Water, Chapter-2 Natural Calamities or Disasters, Chapter-3 Changes in our Environment, Chapter-4 Rocks and Minerals, Chapter-5 Soil Erosion and Conservation, Chapter-6 States of Matter, Chapter-7 Force, Energy and Simple Machines, Social Studies, Chapter-1 Conservation of Environment, Chapter-2 Natural Disasters, Chapter-3 The Indian Jewels, Chapter-4 Transport and Communication, Chapter-5 Age of Machines, Chapter-6 India at a Glance, Chapter-7 Coming od the British, Chapter-8 Struggle towards Freedom, Chapter-9 The United Nations, General Knowledge, Chapter-1 Brain Teasers, Chapter-2 Memory Record Holders, Chapter-3 Great Mathematicians of The World, Chapter-4 Anagrams, Chapter-5 Brain Drill, Chapter-6 Mixed Bag–I, Chapter-7 Inflating the Balloon Without Blowing Air, Chapter-8 Mama Can You Tell Me Why?, Chapter-9 Logical and Analytical Reasoning, Chapter-10 Test Paper–I, Chapter-11 The Dictionary of Science, Chapter-12 Deficiency Diseases, Chapter-13 Great Scientists of India, Chapter-14 Science Quiz, Chapter-15 Computer Terminology, Chapter-16 Tech–Savvy, Chapter-17 Spice Power, Chapter-18 The Famous IT Companies, Chapter-19 Journey Into Space, Chapter-20 Great Indian Personalities, Chapter-21 Rapid Fire Round, Chapter-22 The Superlatives!!!, Chapter-23 Guinness World Records, Chapter-24 Famous Books and Their Authors, Chapter-25 Nicknames of Famous People, Chapter-26 Historical Timeline of India, Chapter-27 Mixed Bag–II, Chapter-28 The Mysterious Funnel, Chapter-29 Mama Can You Tell Me Why?, Chapter-30 Logical and Analytical Reasoning, Chapter-31 Test Paper–II


My Amazing Semester Book is a series of books for classes 1 to 5 based on the integrated approach to learning. They have been written by educations with vast experience and knowledge. The books cover two semesters in each academic year imparting basic literacy scientific, numerical literacy, visual literacy, environmental literacy and cross-curriculum skills to inculcate self-learning ability in young learners.