My Amazing Semester Book-4 Term-II


English, Chapter-1 Save Mother Earth, Chapter-2 The Foolish Brahman, Chapter-3 Heidi: Out With The Goats, Chapter-4 The Clothes Line, Chapter-5 Best Gift for Mother, Chapter-6 How the Sea Became Salty, Chapter-7 Five Little Brothers, Chapter-8 Akbar Learns A Lesson, Chapter-9 The 'Sweet' Smile, Mathematics, Chapter-1 Patterns, Chapter-2 Basic Geometry, Chapter-3 Perimeter and Area, Chapter-4 Measurements, Chapter-5 Time, Chapter-6 Money, Chapter-7 Data Handling, Science, Chapter-1 Our Clothes, Chapter-2 Keeping Safe, Chapter-3 Our Solar System, Chapter-4 Weather, Sun, Air and Water, Chapter-5 Green Earth, Chapter-6 States of Matter, Chapter-7 Work, Force and Energy, Social Studies, Chapter-1 Agriculture, Chapter-2 Mineral Resources, Chapter-3 Human Resources, Chapter-4 Indian Industries, Chapter-5 Transport, Chapter-6 Communication, Chapter-7 Our Culture and Heritage, Chapter-8 Studying The Past, Chapter-9 Indus Valley Civilization, Chapter-10 Elections and Our Government, General Knowledge, Chapter-1 Helath is Wealth, Chapter-2 Notable Indians at Rio Olympics, 2016, Chapter-3 Famous Sports Personalities, Chapter-4 Olympics– Then and Now, Chapter-5 Yoga and Yogasanas, Chapter-6 Dances of India, Chapter-7 Indian Film Perosnalities, Chapter-8 Famous Indian Musicians, Chapter-9 Mixed Bag–I, Chapter-10 What Floats and What Sinks?, Chapter-11 Logical and Analytical Reasoning, Chapter-12 Brain Teasers, Chapter-13 KNow the Time, Chapter-14 Words and Letters, Chapter-15 Number Skills, Chapter-16 Memory–Tips and Tricks, Chapter-17 Mathemagic, Chapter-18 Vehicles At Work, Chapter-19 Famous Indian Poets and their Works, Chapter-20 Learn these Important Dates, Chapter-21 Great Indian Leaders, Chapter-22 Look into A Book, Chapter-23 Say No to Plastic Bags, Chapter-24 Indian States and Their Capitals, Chapter-25 Mixed Bag–II, Chapter-26 Logical and Analytical Reasoning, Chapter-27 Fire Needs Air for Burning, Chapter-28 Mama Can You Tell Me Why?, Chapter-29 Activity Time


My Amazing Semester Book is a series of books for classes 1 to 5 based on the integrated approach to learning. They have been written by educations with vast experience and knowledge. The books cover two semesters in each academic year imparting basic literacy scientific, numerical literacy, visual literacy, environmental literacy and cross-curriculum skills to inculcate self-learning ability in young learners.