My Amazing Book of EVS Book-1


Chapter-1 About Myself, Chapter-2 My Amazing Body, Chapter-3 My Family, Chapter-4 The Food We Eat, Chapter-5 Water and Air, Chapter-6 A House to Live in, Chapter-7 Our Clothes, Chapter-8 keep Healthy Be Safe, Chapter-9 Our Neighbourhood, Chapter-10 Our Festivals, Chapter-11 Plants Around Us, Chapter-12 Animal Kingdom, Chapter-13 Transport and Communication, Chapter-14 Things Around Us, Chapter-15 In the Sky


My Amazing Book of EVS (1 and 2) is a carefully crafted series of illustrated textbooks, based on the syllabus and guidelines issued by the latest NCERT National Curriculum Framework. The series uses a holistic approach which serves to raise a child's sensitivity, concern and awareness towards her/his environment.