Ultimate in Computers Book-8


Chapter-1 Operating Systems, Chapter-2 MS Excel — Formulae and Functions, Chapter-3 Creating Charts in MS Excel, Chapter-4 Algorithms and Flowcharts, Chapter-5 More About MS Access, Chapter-6 Programming in Java BlueJ, Chapter-7 App Development, Chapter-8 Networks and Internet, Windows 10 Update, MS Office Word 2013 Update, MS Office PowerPoint 2013 Update, MS Office Excel 2013 Update, Assessment 1 & 2, Projects, National Cyber Olympiad


Ultimate in Computers. True to its name the series provides ultimate content to help learners gradually connect to World of Computers through the hugely popular, contemporary and up-to-date software like Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Office 2010. The books of the series lay special emphasis on learning programming skills using one of the most popular and contemporary programming language called Java BlueJ.