My Ultimate Book of Social Studies-3


Chapter 1 Our Universe, Chapter 2 Our Planet Earth, Chapter 3 Globes and Maps, Chapter 4 Continents and Oceans, Chapter 5 My Country India, Chapter 6 Our National Symbols, Chapter 7 Our States and Union Territories, Chapter 8 Cities of India: Delhi, Chapter 9 Cities of India: Mumbai, Chapter 10 Cities of India: Kolkata, Chapter 11 Cities of India: Chennai, Chapter 12 Our Food and Clothes, Chapter 13 Celebration Time, Chapter 14 Occupations and Work, Chapter 15 Travelling Near and Far, Chapter 16 Means of Communication, Chapter 17 The Story of Early Man



My Ultimate Book of Social Studies is a comprehensive series of five books on social studies for the students of classes 1 to 5. Contents of the books are fully in compliance with the latest recommendations of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) and the latest scheme of study put forth by the CBSE. The series has been designed in consultation with experienced teachers with a vast experience in teaching learners at the primary and middle levels.