My Amazing Book of Knowledge Book - 2


Oldest Tree, Most eaten Fruit, Do Bananas have Seeds, Square Watermelons, Monkey Faced Flowers, Sunflower is not a single flower, Why do we cry while Chopping onions, The Largest Nest, Animal with the Largest Eyes, Bird that lays the Largest Egg, Why do cats purr, Largest Snake, Which animal jumps the highest, What is our body made of, How does the Blood Flow, Babies have more bones than adults, What is a fracture, Strongest Muscle, Earth is not completely Round, What is there inside the Earth, First Living Things on Earth, Where did the Dinosaurs go, Hottest place on Earth, Coldest place on Earth, Rainiest place on Earth, What are Planets, Planet Farthest from the Sun, Red Planet, What are Sunsports, First Animal in Space, Why do we wear woollen clothes in winters, What is heatstroke, Heaviest Hailstone, Why paper floats on water, Who made the fist car, What is Google Android, Largest City, The Great Sphinx, Catacombs of Paris, Longest Bridge in the World, Biggest library in the World, Longest Railway line, Ancienty Olympics, Most Olympic Medals, First Indian to win an Individual Gold, Coconut Football, Mallakhamb


My Amazing Book of Knowledge is a series of eight based on facts, meant for the students of classes 1 to 8. These books been designed to give children a solid foundation in the modern world driven by knowledge and wisdom.