Good English Readers Step III


Alphabet, Double words-One sound, Revision exercise, Long sound-a, long sound-e, long sound-I, Picture Reading and Writing, Long sound-o, Long sound-u, Revision, More on What, This, Is, More on Is, This, More on Is, That, One, Many, Are, They, A, What Are? Those, Are These? Are Those?, How Many?, How Many? Body Parts, More Body Parts, Practice, In, On, Under, Near, Behind, In front of, Picture Reading, Telling Name, Has, Have, Yes, No, What has/have?, More questions on has/have, Picture reading, Action Words, Actions, More Words, Actions, More Actions, More Questions on Actions, Practice, In the Playground (picture reading), How Many? There is/There are, Practice, Can, Cannot, Colours, Here Are, Commands, Do Do not, Questions, Opposite-But, A Talk on 'My House', Picture Reading, Questions, Conversation, Word List


The Good English package has a 'skills' focus to meet the needs of children in the pre-primary classes of English medium schools. The main features of the Good English books are:(1) Letters of English alphabet, both capital and small, have been introduced through attractive illustrations. (2) In the Second Step only five short vowel sounds (i.e., a, e, i, o u) have been introduced with emphasis on phonic drills of words containing one syllable only.