The Brain Game-10

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PART A: EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS, Unit 1: Communication Skills-II, Chapter 1 Methods of Communication, Chapter 2 Providing Descriptive and Specific Feedback, Chapter 3 Overcoming Barriers to Communication, Chapter 4 Principles of Effective Communication, Chapter 5 Basic Writing Skills, Unit 2: Self-Management Skills-II, Chapter 6 Stress Management Techniques, Chapter 7 Ability to Work Independently, Unit 3: ICT Skills-II, Chapter 8 Operating System, Chapter 9 File Management, Chapter 10 Care and Maintenance of a Computer, Unit 4: Entrepreneurial Skills-II, Chapter 11 Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur, Unit 5: Green Skills-II Chapter 12 Sustainable Development, PART B: SUBJECT SPECIFIC SKILLS, Unit 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chapter 13 Introduction to AI, Unit 2: AI Project Cycle, Chapter 14 AI Project Cycle, Unit 3: Advance Python, Chapter 15 Advance Python, Unit 4: Data Science, Chapter 16 Data Science, Unit 5: Computer Vision Chapter 17 Computer Vision, Unit 6: Natural Language Processing, Chapter 18 Natural Language Processing, Unit 7: Evaluation, Chapter 19 Model Evaluation, Brain Storming Section, Worksheets, Viva Questions, Useful Videos to Watch, Practical File Guide, Glossary



It is our responsibility to help students of information technology to develop an understanding of AI early. This is all the more important as at the pace at which AI is developing, by the time these students enter their professional fields, AI will be omnipresent. Keeping this in mind, we at Navdeep Publications have come out with the 'Artificial Intelligence Books for classes 9 and 10 entitled 'The Brain Game'.