Opening Windows 10 Book-8


Chapter-1 Top-tech Game Changer Trends, Chapter-2 Wireless Technologies, Chapter-3 AI Domains, Chapter-4 Microsoft Office Access 2016, Chapter-5 Forms, Queries and Reports, Chapter-6 Working with CSS, Chapter-7 Creating Website using WordPress, Chapter-8 Lists and Arrays in Python, Chapter-9 Functions in Python, Chapter-10 Internet Telephony and More, Chapter-11 Cyber Threats and Protection, Projects, Glossary


With rapid increase in the use of computers and the Internet, computer education is more and more converging towards 'activity' based learning. There is no other way to learn to use computers effectively except through exploration and doing plenty of practical activities. After NEP 2020, there are lots of positive changes are expected. Now the focus has shifted to Coding and AI.