My Amazing Book of Computers Book-7


Chapter-1 Exploring the Computer, Chapter-2 Formulae, Functions and More in Excel, Chapter-3 Creating Charts in MS Excel, Chapter-4 Moving Ahead with Flash CS3, Chapter-5 Introduction to Photoshop, Chapter-6 HTML Basics, Chapter-7 Loops and Graphics in QBasic, Chapter-8 Internet Services and Applications, Windows 10 Update, MS Office Word 2013 Update, MS Office PowerPoint 2013 Update, MS Office Excel 2013 Update, Assessment 1 & 2, Projects, National Cyber Olympiad


‘My Amazing Book of Computers’ is the latest series of information technology books meant for classes 1 to 8. It is completely based on the latest NCF guidelines and has the following features: 1. The series makes use of latest and most popular software (Windows 8.1, Office 2010, Flash CS3, Photoshop CS3, DreamWeaver etc.). 2. A lot of practical exercises have been included to give students enough hands on practice.