Let's Reboot-4

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Chapter-1 The Computer Story, Chapter-2 Working in Microsoft Office Word 2019, Chapter-3 Enhancing the Look of the Document, Chapter-4 Inserting Multimedia Objects in MS Word, Chapter-5 Starting Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2019, Chapter-6 More on Scratch 3.0, Chapter-7 Internet Applications and Security, Chapter-8 About Artificial Intelligence, Glossary


Let's Reboot series is according to NCF 2023 guidelines for enhancing the Computational, Experimental, Subject enrichment and Critical Thinking of learners. The world is in a state of flux, and futuristic technologies like coding, AI and Data Science are at the forefront of shaping the future. These techs are changing how we live, work, and think. They're also changing how businesses operate and how we interact with our environment.