Fastrack Book-9 (Windows-7, Office 2007)


Chapter-1 Computer System Organisation, Chapter-2 Memory Unit of Computer, Chapter-3 Computer Software, Chapter-4 Basic Concepts of Operating System, Chapter-5 Windows Operating System, Chapter-6 MS-Word Basics, Chapter-7 Communication Technology, Chapter-8 Advanced MS-Word, Chapter-9 Presentation Tools - MS PowerPoint, Chapter-10 Advanced MS-Excel, Chapter-11 Societal Impacts of IT, IT Applications, CBSE Sample Papers, Cyber Olympiad Paper


Fastrack To Information Technology is our humble effort to provide a quality learning tool to the school students, to help them leap into the next generation computing applications and technologies while grounding their feet solidly into the basics. Some of the key features of this series are: - Books 9 and 10 of the series have been made taking into account the latest guidelines issued by CBSE Syllabus of "Foundation of Information Technology (Code No.