Concise English Grammar


Book-1 (Grammar), Chapter-1 The Sentence, Chapter-2 Subject and Predicate, Chapter-3 Parts of Speech, Chapter-4 The Noun, Chapter-5 Singular and Plural Nouns, Chapter-6 Pronouns, Chapter-7 Verbs, Chapter-8 Adjectives, Chapter-9 Adverb, Chapter-10 Prepositions, Chapter-11 Conjuntions, Chapter-12 Interjections, Chapter-13 Tenses, Chapter-14 Active and Passive Voice, Chapter-15 Direct and Indirect Speech, Chapter-16 The Gerund and the Participle, Chapter-17 The Phrase and the Clause, Chapter-18 Sentences: Simple, Compound and Complex, Chapter-19 Synthesis of Sentences, Chapter-20 Transformation of Sentences, Chapter-21 Articles, Chapter-22 Auxiliaries and Modals, Book-2 (Miscellaneous Learning), Idioms and Phrases, Synonyms, Literary Devices, Some Common Fallacies in the usage of English Language


English Grammar is not just about parts of speech, tenses and gender. There are some complex and at times incomprehensible rules that govern the language. An attempt has been made in this book to simplify English grammar to make it easy to understand and enjoyable. Starting with the basics, this book attempts to explain each aspect of grammar as we go along.