The Ultimate in G.K Book-6 (Revised Ed.)


Superlatives of India, Famous Cities of India, Countries and their Flags, Famous Monuments of the World, Countries of the World, Important Awards of India, Important Landforms, Nutty Plants, Fruits from Around the World, Plant Processes, Amazing Sea Creatures, Interesting Terrestrial Animals, Animal Products, Endangered Animals, Safety During an Earthquake, Mixed Bag-1, Tell Me Why?, Logical and Analytical Reasoning, The Stationary Coin, Test Paper-1, Commonwealth Games, 2014, Grandmasters of Sports, Track and Field Events, Olympic Mascots, Cultural Sports, ICC T20 World Cuo 2014, Brain Teasers, Maths and Logic Puzzles, Brain Sharpeners, Brain Drill, Having Fun with Riddles, Safety from the Lightning Strikes, Mixed Bag-2, Tell Me Why?, Logical and Analytical Reasoning, Can a Lighter Object life a Heavier Object?, Test Paper-2, The Human Body Quiz, Scientific Terms, The Limitless Universe, Inventions and Discoveries, Computer Peripherals, Modern Electronic Gadgets, Unforgettable Music Maestros, Anagrams and Quotes, Test Your English, Characters of Literary Fame, Famous Authors, Safety Measures During a Fire, Mixed Bag-3, Tell Me Why?, Logical and Analytical Reasoning, Dancing Coin, Test Paper-3, Acronyms and Abbreviations, Types of Indian Paintings, Famous Women of the World, Ancient Wonders of the World, Manage Your Time, Value of Money, Career-Becoming a Pilot, Safety During a Cyclone, Mixed Bag-4, Tell Me Why?, Potato Stabbing Fun, Logical and Analytical Reasoning, Test Paper-4


The Ultimate in GK is a futuristic series of textbooks that aims to develop a competitive and knowledge hungry generation of students. Key features of this series include: -Simple and easy to follow language. -Graded exercises and quizzes for the students. -Widest coverage of topics including Life Skills. -Logical and Analytical Reasoning Quizzes to stimulate logical thinking. -'Tell Me Why' section to explain reason behind interesting daily life phenomena.