Nature and Science Book-4


Chapter-1 Food for Plants, Chapter-2 Adaptations in Plants, Chapter-3 Reproduction in Animals, Chapter-4 Adaptation in Animals, Chapter-5 Food A Necessity for Survival, Chapter-6 What Happens to Food?, Chapter-7 Teeth and Microbes, Chapter-8 Safety and First Aid, Chapter-9 The Clothes We Wear, Chapter-10 Sun, Air, Water and Weather, Chapter-11 Our Fascinating Universe, Chapter-12 What Are Things Made Up of?, Chapter-13 Work, Force and Energy, Chapter-14 Pollution And Its Effects


Nature and science are integral parts of our lives. The understanding of nature and the advancements in Science have improved the quality of life to a great extent. To prepare our children to stay in touch with these, we have published the Nature and Science series for classes 1 to 5.