My Amazing Semester Book-5 Term-I


English, Chapter-1 This is going to hurt Just a Little Bit, Chapter-2 Our Safety: Our Priority, Chapter-3 The Baker's Dozen, Chapter-4 Everyday Things, Chapter-5 The Broken Gate–I, Chapter-6 The Broken Gate–II, Chapter-7 What is a Teacher?, Chapter-8 The Origin of The Mahabharat, Chapter-9 Pret in The House, Mathematics, Chapter-1 Extension of Numbers, Chapter-2 Basic Operations on Large Numbers, Chapter-3 HCF and LCM, Chapter-4 Fractions, Chapter-5 Decimal NUmbers, Chapter-6 Line and Angles, Chapter-7 Polygons and Circles, Science, Chapter-1 Growing Plants, Chapter-2 Animals in their Surrounding, Chapter-3 Human Skeletal and Muscular System, Chapter-4 The Nervous System, Chapter-5 Good Health, Chapter-6 Safety and First Aid, Chapter-7 Earth, Sun and Moon, Social Studies, Chapter-1 Globes and Maps, Chapter-2 Latitudes and Longitudes, Chapter-3 Continents and Oceans, Chapter-4 Climatic Variations, Chapter-5 Democratic Republic of Congo: The Equatrial Region, Chapter-6 The Temperate Grassland, Chapter-7 The Hot Desert, Chapter-8 The Frigid Zone, Chapter-9 Our Environment, Chapter-10 Pollution and its Effects, General Knowledge, Chapter-1 World Famous Structures, Chapter-2 Countries and their Capitals, Chapter-3 World Currencies, Chapter-4 Food from Around the World, Chapter-5 Famous World Awards, Chapter-6 Hill Stations of India, Chapter-7 International Airports in India, Chapter-8 Animal Categories, Chapter-9 Animal Adaptations, Chapter-10 Beaks and Claws of Birds, Chapter-11 Reptiles and Mammals, Chapter-12 Animal Senses, Chapter-13 Herbs, Shrubs and Trees, Chapter-14 Plants and Their Leaves, Chapter-15 Wonderful Animals, Chapter-16 Plants in Different Places, Chapter-17 Amazing Plants, Chapter-18 Plant Quiz, Chapter-19 Mixed Bag, Chapter-20 Bending Straw, Chapter-21 Mama Can You Tell Me Why?, Chapter-22 Logical and Analytical Reasoning, Chapter-23 Test Paper, Chapter-24 Rio Olympics, 2016, Chapter-25 Cricket World Cup (ODIs), Chapter-26 Sports Terms, Chapter-27 Sports and Trophies, Chapter-28 Dances of India, Chapter-29 Our Movie Makers, Chapter-30 Musical Instruments


My Amazing Semester Book is a series of books for classes 1 to 5 based on the integrated approach to learning. They have been written by educations with vast experience and knowledge. The books cover two semesters in each academic year imparting basic literacy scientific, numerical literacy, visual literacy, environmental literacy and cross-curriculum skills to inculcate self-learning ability in young learners.