My Amazing Semester Book-3 Term-I


English, Chapter-1 When Mummy Went To Town, Chapter-2 The Ethiopian Slave, Chapter-3 A Present for Mother, Chapter-4 The Old Car Tyre, Chapter-5 How were the Stars and Moon Made, Chapter-6 Monty Moth Moves House, Chapter-7 The Tease, Chapter-8 Unity in Diversity, Mathematics, Chapter-1 Numbers Upto 10,000, Chapter-2 Addition, Chapter-3 Subtraction, Chapter-4 Multiplication, Chapter-5 Division, Chapter-6 Fractions, Science, Chapter-1 Living and Non-living Things, Chapter-2 Plants, Chapter-3 Feeding Habits of Animals, Chapter-4 Birds and Their Ways, Chapter-5 Our Body and Organ Systems, Chapter-6 Our Houses and Clothes, Chapter-7 Safety and First Aid, Social Studies, Chapter-1 Our Universe, Chapter-2 Earth Our Planet, Chapter-3 Continents and Oceans, Chapter-4 Globes and Maps, Chapter-5 India: Physical Features-I, Chapter-6 India: Physical Features-II, Chapter-7 The Story of Early Man, Chapter-8 Our Food and Clothes, Chapter-9 Celebration Time, General Knowledge, Chapter-1 Famous Cities of India, Chapter-2 Countries and Cities, Chapter-3 Great Indian Personalities, Chapter-4 Plant Life, Chapter-5 Colourful Birds and their Beaks, Chapter-6 Know Your Animals, Chapter-7 Meet the Planets, Chapter-8 Sharpen Your Memory, Chapter-9 A Class Apart, Chapter-10 Fun with Numbers!, Chapter-11 Logical and Analytical Reasoning, Chapter-12 The Wise Owl Speaks, Chapter-13 Story Time!, Chapter-14 Mama Can You Tell Me Why?, Chapter-15 Test Paper


My Amazing Semester Book is a series of books for classes 1 to 5 based on the integrated approach to learning. They have been written by educations with vast experience and knowledge. The books cover two semesters in each academic year imparting basic literacy scientific, numerical literacy, visual literacy, environmental literacy and cross-curriculum skills to inculcate self-learning ability in young learners.