My Amazing Semester Book-2 Term-II


English, Chapter-1 How Beautiful is the Rain, Chapter-2 Good Habits, Chapter-3 A Change of Heart, Chapter-4 All Things Round and Beautiful, Chapter-5 The cap Seller and The Monkey, Chapter-6 Frog at School, Chapter-7 Trees – Our True Friend, Chapter-8 Betty – The Barbie Doll, Mathematics, Chapter-1 The Whole and Its Parts, Chapter-2 Time, Chapter-3 Money, Chapter-4 Measurements, Chapter-5 Patterns, Chapter-6 Data Handling, Environmental Studies, Chapter-1 Amazing Body, Chapter-2 Plant Around Us, Chapter-3 Animals Around Us, Chapter-4 Food We Eat, Chapter-5 Our Earth Our Home, Chapter-6 Air Around Us, Chapter-7 Need of Water, Chapter-8 Weather and Seasons, Chapter-9 Direction and Time, General Knowledge, Chapter-1 Places on Earth, Chapter-2 The Sky, Chapter-3 Animals That Help Us, Chapter-4 Gifts We Get From Plants, Chapter-5 Flowers in My Garden, Chapter-6 Animals Sounds, Chapter-7 At the Beach, Chapter-8 The Changing Seasons, Chapter-9 The Jungle Crossword, Chapter-10 Famous Sportspersons, Chapter-11 The Wise Owl Speaks, Chapter-12 Story Time!, Chapter-13 Fairy Tale Characters, Chapter-14 Animals in Stories And Rhymes, Chapter-15 Some Great Television Shows, Chapter-16 Computer Whizkids, Chapter-17 Fun with Numbers, Chapter-18 Musical Instruments, Chapter-19 Brain Gym!, Chapter-20 Mental Ability Exercise–I, Chapter-21 Mental Ability Exercise–II, Chapter-22 Mental Ability Exercise–III, Chapter-23 The Wise Owl Speaks, Chapter-24 Story Time!, Chapter-25 Test Paper


My Amazing Semester Book is a series of books for classes 1 to 5 based on the integrated approach to learning. They have been written by educations with vast experience and knowledge. The books cover two semesters in each academic year imparting basic literacy scientific, numerical literacy, visual literacy, environmental literacy and cross-curriculum skills to inculcate self-learning ability in young learners.