My Amazing Book of Knowledge Book - 4


Are mushrooms Plants, Is Cauliflower really a flower, Why is Potato called a stem and not a root, How much oxygen does fig tree, The Amazing Curtain Fig Tree, The Dragon Blood Tree, Can a plant be shaped like a baseball, What are Great Apes, How intellgent are Orangutans, How can Birds Fly, The Horned Lizard, What are Amphibinas, What is a Glass Snake, What are the cells made of, What is Blood, What do the White Blood Cells do, How does blood clot at th injury site, Can the heart of a person be changed, How fast does the Earth go around the Sun, What is the Earth's Crust, What is an Earthquake, What is a Tsunami, What was the Pangaea, What are Mountains, How is a mountain different from a hill, What are Comets, What made Shoemaker - Levy 9 so famous, What are Asteroids, What are Meteorites, Is there life on Mars, Why is Saturn's moon Titan so special, What is Ulysses, Which material is used to make computer chips, Why is coper used in making wires, What is a force, Does only Earth have gravity, Who Wrote Our National Song, Lal Bahadur Shastri-A Man of Peace, Swami Vivekananda, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, DR. Homi Jehangir Bhabha, First captain of India's Test Cricket Team, Where did the game of chess originate, Who are speed cubers, What is Sepak Takraw, What is figure skating


My Amazing Book of Knowledge is a series of eight based on facts, meant for the students of classes 1 to 8. These books been designed to give children a solid foundation in the modern world driven by knowledge and wisdom.