My Amazing Book of Conversation Book-4


Chapter-1 Small Polite Talk, Chapter-2 The Principal Speaks, Chapter-3 About Time And Seasons, Chapter-4 Personally Speaking, Chapter-5 Family Talk—A Few Scenes, Chapter-6 About Activities in the Recent Past, Chapter-7 About Actions And Their Reasons, Chapter-8 A Few Scenes From The School Life, Chapter-9 Giving Directions, Chapter-10 Go Shopping, Chapter-11 People Often Heard Talking About, Chapter-12 Similar and Different, Chapter-13 Spending A Week-End, Chapter-14 'I Must Come To Your Party', Chapter-15 From Day-To-Day Life, Chapter-16 'Big Enough......', Chapter-17 Done and By Whom?


A language is learnt best when used most. Speech happens to be a crucial aspect of English whereby one can learn to communicate ideas and thoughts effectively by using the language correctly, appropriately and fluently. “English Conversation” is a series of five books, created and designed for use by the students as text in the age group of 6 to 10 years.