My Amazing Book of Art & Activity Book-B


Chapter-1 Fawn, Chapter-2 Fish, Chapter-3 Whales, Chapter-4 Dog, Chapter-5 Lion, Chapter-6 An elephant, Chapter-7 Swan, Chapter-8 Alarm clock, Chapter-9 Cat, Chapter-10 Cow, Chapter-11 A girl, Chapter-12 Still life, Chapter-13 Helicopter, Chapter-14 Cup and saucer, Chapter-15 Paint, Chapter-16 Christmas tree, Chapter-17 Ship, Chapter-18 Lady bug, Chapter-19 Flowers, Chapter-20 Peacock, Chapter-21 Tulip, Chapter-22 Orange, Chapter-23 Hills, Chapter-24 Carrot, Chapter-25 Jungle boy, Chapter-26 Man, Chapter-27 Jerry (A cartoon character), Chapter-28 Doraemon


My Amazing Book of Art and Activity is a fascinating series of books that provides an intense blend of Art and craft activities to let young children improve their cognitive abilities and creative expressions. The Art section of each book starts with simple drawing and colouring activities. The craft section includes activities that let the children work with various materials easily available in their surroundings.