Art of Conversation with C.D Book - 3


Chapter-1 The New Teacher In a Class, Chapter-2 Polite Talk, Chapter-3 Comparing While Talking, Chapter-4 A Talking Scene in the Class, Chapter-5 What Are They Used For?, Chapter-6 On Being Late, Chapter-7 Expressing Reasons, Chapter-8 About Houses We Live In, Chapter-9 Between A Sister And A Brother, Chapter-10 About Means of Travel, Chapter-11 A Little About Animals and Birds, Chapter-12 Talking of Things Done By..... Chapter-13 About the Road Safety, Chapter-14 A Little About Our Country


Art of Conversation is a series of five books, created and designed for use by the students as text in the age group of 8 to 14 years. It can be useful for oral practice in English in the classroom or in the language laboratory.