The Value Education Range

Realizing that inculcating positive values is also the responsibility of educational institutions, we have brought out our Value Education Range comprising of the Golden Light Series.

The Golden Light (1-8)

The Golden Light (1-8) series teaches general etiquette and manners to children at the primary and middle level, where the foundations of morals are laid. The sole objective of the series is to awaken in children the sense of right and wrong, good and evil through didactic stories, anecdotes and incidents from day-to-day life, to drive home the message, which always bears a practical moral. An endeavour has also been made to inculcate the fact that God is the force that inspires us to practice these principles. Part II of the book, systematically elaborates on proper etiquette, manners and personality development. It aims at fostering the basis of good-grooming and upright personality of a child.