The Social Science Range

Social Science involves children in exploring their environment from a social aspect. It generates awareness about different peoples of the world, their respective languages, cultures, traditions, lifestyle, habits, etc. It educates them on crucial issues such as the functioning of their government, the lessons of history and how they have been repeated over the years and the infrastructure of the country. This gives them a good overview of the world they live in and widens their perspectives at an early age. Our Social Science Range presently consists of Orient Social Studies, Navdeep Social Studies and History of India.

Orient Social Studies (1-2)

The Orient Social Studies (1-2) series brings another opportunity for children to learn more about their environment, presenting factual information related to Social Studies in an interesting and absorbing manner which is of paramount importance while taking out books for children. A wide range of topics related to the home, family, school, festivals, etc., have been included. Special care has been taken to present the lessons in a simple language which can be read and understood by children and many activities such as making of scrapbooks, organising a drama, stories, dramatization and trips to museums, farms, historical places, etc. have been integrated for effective learning.

Navdeep Social Studies (3-5)

The Navdeep Social Studies (3-5) series is entirely based on the syllabus issued by NCERT. The objective of these books is to introduce the children to how people in different parts of the world live differently. The series comprehensively covers the syllabus giving ample scope for learning to students through the lucid explanations and easy to comprehend writing. The series is sure to pique the interest of the child.

A New Text Book of History of India (IX onwards)

A New Text Book of History of India series is available in two parts History of India Part-1 and History of India Part-2. History of India is a reference book and a must for all categories of students from class 9th onwards. It can be used by college students and those preparing for the Civil Services Examination, who have taken Indian History as one of their subjects. Its popularity has been increasing with every new edition and reprint. The present edition of this book has been thoroughly revised and a number of new questions have been added to make the book all the more useful for students.