The Punjabi Language Range

The Punjabi language is mainly read and taught in Punjab. However, it is also taught as a second language in some other parts of India. To meet the demand for books in the Punjabi language, we have brought out our Punjabi Language Range.

The Punjabi Primers

The books of the Punjabi Primers range have been brought out to enable the children to speak Punjabi correctly, to enhance their vocabulary, to develop in them linguistic and creative skills and finally to nurture their interest in good Punjabi literature. Using a methodical approach to teaching, the range is a must for every learner to learn Punjabi.

              Navdeep Akhar Bodh                           Akhar Deep                                      Shabad Deep

Aao Punjabi Parhiye - Reader

The Aao Punjabi Parhiye series is a pioneering and trend-setting series of five books written with the aim of teaching correct grammar to the students of the Punjabi language in a graded manner. Special care has been taken to develop the contents of each book around the things and situations a child can easily relate to. The books seek to develop creative thinking, creative expressions and a number of positive traits among learners.

Navdeep Punjabi Vyakaran Ate Lekh Rachna (1-3)

The Navdeep Punjabi Vyakaran Ate Lekh Rachana (1-3) series teaches Punjabi grammar in a graded manner. The books of the series have been written so as to pique the interest of learners through the use of day-to-day events with emphasis on correct speech and grammar.