The Pre-Primary Range

Our Pre-primary Range is extensive and comprises of primers in English, Hindi and other regional languages; Nursery Rhymes in English & Hindi; Calligraphy Books; Art Books; Activity Books; Number Books and Colouring Books etc. The series of the pre-primary range, based as they are on the Early Child Care and Education (ECCE) methodology, have been packaged so as to make learning easy and fun for the pre-primary learners.

The Rainbow Package

The soon to be launched Rainbow Package is an innovative package for the pre-primary school learner, comprising of a set of three Picture Books, Activity-cum Work Books and ADD-ON teaching-aids for 3+, 4+ and 5+ children respectively. The books of the package have been written so as to develop a holistic understanding of things around them, a positive attitude and a lot of confidence in the pre-primary learners. Using a story-telling approach, the books use previously learnt concepts as a base to build further concepts and assist learners to imbibe socio-moral values contextually and not through a set of do's and don'ts. Understanding that the nature of learning of a child is integrated and holistic; the package integrates mathematics, languages, sciences and social sciences. To bring down the teacher's/parents load, suitable inputs are given where necessary and the Activity-cum Work Books incorporate a large number of worksheets - thus bringing down the load of teachers. The package's Picture Books, Activity-cum Work Books and ADD-ON teaching aids are a one-stop learning centre catering to every aspect of pre-primary learning.

The English Primers

  • Orient Picture Primer
  • Daisy Picture Primer
  • Orient Word-Book
  • Good English Reader Primer
  • Good English Reader Step 1
  • Good English Reader Step 2
  • Good English Reader Step 3
  • Orient Writing Book (Capital Letters)
  • Orient Writing Book (Small Letters)

The English Rhymes

  • Junior English Nursery Rhymes Book-1
  • Junior English Nursery Rhymes Book-2
  • Orient Rhymes
  • Sing & Swing Book-1 & 2
  • Jingle All The Way Book-1
  • Jingle All The Way Book-2

The Activity Books

  • My Activity Album-1
  • My Activity Album-2

Number & Table Books

  • Orient Number Book 1-50
  • Orient Number Book 1-100
  • Mini Number Book 1-50
  • Mini Number Book 1-100
  • Young Scholars Number Book 0-1
  • Young Scholars Number Book 0-2
  • Navdeep Table Book and Desk Work
  • Orient Table Book with Desk Work
  • Junior Table Book (English)

The Hindi Primers

  • Navdeep Akshar Pradeep
  • Akshar Pradeep
  • Shabd Pradeep
  • Swar Pradeep
  • Navdeep Swar Mala
  • Navdeep Varn Mala
  • Navdeep Akshar Parichay (Deluxe Art Paper)
  • Navdeep Shabd Parichay
  • Navdeep Swar Parichay

The Hindi Rhymes

  • Bal Geet
  • Geet Sureele
  • Aao Bachcho Gao Bachcho
  • Aao Gayen Gungunayen
  • Hum Panchhi Ek Daal Ke