Courage, perseverance and a strong belief in one's abilities, led a man, favoured by fortune, yet burdened by the vicissitudes of life, to go on and build one of the leading publishing houses in India. This is the story of the late Sh. Gur Das Kapur and the culmination of his efforts, the house of Gur Das Kapur & Sons. Sh. Gur Das Kapur, initiated his career by joining the business of his grandfather - Uttar Chand Kapur & Sons in 1917. He found his forte after two years of joining his grandfathers firm,when he moved into the publishing department. His energetic and indefatigable efforts were an asset to the publishing department. He contributed to the publishing aspects of the firm for more than two decades during which time the enterprise established itself in the publishing industry. In 1938, however Shri Gurdas Kapur decided to part with the association and start his own publication. Gur Das Kapur & Sons was thus formed.

His firm belief in straight forward dealings, an ability to set clear objectives, and a vast experience in publishing helped in the firm's launch along with its


progressive expansion and remarkable success. His skills, energy and undaunted devotion to the business were the bricks on which the foundation of the enterprise was built. Monetary considerations were always of secondary importance, as far as the name of the firm was concerned. With such sound experience and values backing the firm, Gurdas Kapur & Sons, soon rose to be known and accepted as one of the leading publishers of school textbooks of the region.

In 1962, however, with the nationalization of textbooks in India, the firm had to look for a change in its scope of activities. At that time Shri Ram Kapur, the son of Shri Gurdas Kapur was heading the company. He realized the potential of publishing a new range of books for school children according to the prescribed syllabus being followed by schools. This led to the formation of - Navdeep Publications - publishers of books for Progressive Schools, a fully owned subsidiary of M/s Gurdas Kapur & Sons Pvt. Ltd. Navdeep Publications has since been servicing its esteemed clients through a vast network in India & the Middle East.