The Hindi Language Range

Hindi is the first national language of India. Our nation cannot progress if the learners do not master this language. Although, Hindi was losing its importance some time back, today the use of Hindi is catching up. It is, therefore, imperative that quality Hindi books for our young generation, which are easy to understand, be brought out. Our Hindi Language Range is sure to help learners understand, speak and write Hindi easily.

Naveen Shishu Bharti - Reader (Praveshika to 8)

Navdeep Hindi Rachna - Workbook (Praveshika to 5)

The Naveen Shishu Bharti series has been brought out to enable learners to speak Hindi correctly, to enhance their vocabulary, to develop in them linguistic and creative skills and finally to nurture their interest in good Hindi literature. Drawn from the day-to-day life of children, the material of the books incorporate difficult words with their meanings and practice as well as exercises. Exercises at the end of the chapters are divided into three distinct categories – 'Content', 'Grammar' and 'Composition'. The accompanying workbooks complete the package.

Saral Sahitya - Reader (Praveshika to 8)

Saral Sahitya Rachna - Workbook (1 to 8)

The Saral Sahitya series aims at preparing the child to perceive, listen, speak and write Hindi. The content and the language of the books fascinates learners as every chapter of the books is written keeping in mind the age group, experience and general interest of the child. Profusely illustrated, the books are characterized by 'variety' to cater to the varied visual needs and creative interests of the students that add an element of excitement and joy to the series. Exercises for practice and comprehension, given at the end of each chapter, would help the learner in retaining the taught contents and in developing his/her linguistic skills and aesthetic sensibilities. Their accompanying workbooks are a pioneering attempt at reaching out to the child's finer needs.

Nav Bharti (Praveshika, 0 to 5)

The Nav Bharti Praveshika, 0 to 5) series comprises of six nicely laid out books. In accordance with the NCERT syllabus, the series aims at ensuring the holistic development of the learner. Contents of each book are so chosen that they encourage the learners to imbibe positive values viz., self confidence, respect for nature and natural things, protection of environment, etc.

Navdeep Hindi Vyakaran (1 to 7)

A good use of grammar is very important in the use of any language. To make children acquainted with all the aspects of Hindi grammar, an earnest attempt has been made by us in the form of Navdeep Hindi Vyakaran (1 to 7). The books have been written so as to help learners speak and write Hindi correctly and with a creative expression.