The General Knowledge Range

It is imperative that a child develops his general knowledge as a sound base for his personality. Every child is born with inquisitiveness about his surroundings. Flying aeroplanes fascinate him and he gets curious about the structure of a beehive. He wonders where clouds come from and how an Eskimo stays warm in an igloo. It is this wide-eyed curiosity of the child, which tempted us to contemplate publishing books in the General Knowledge Range. Today Navdeep Publications is one of the premier publications of General Knowledge books with more than six series, we make it a point to bring new editions annually.

Orient General Knowledge & I.Q.Tests (0-8)

Every child has a fragmentary knowledge of all the disciplines and thirsts for a better understanding. He looks at the rainbow in wonder. He wonders how the sun and the moon go into eclipse. His eyes brighten to see a blossoming flower, a sailing cloud and a plane flying in the sky. He draws hills and houses and trees on the riverside. He also knows a little about his own country. To quench this thirst 'to know more' in the child, we came out with the Orient General Knowledge & I.Q.Tests (0-8) series. Each volume of the series has been divided into three units: Topical Exercises, Miscellaneous Exercises and IQ Tests with its sequence of topics following a logical pattern.

Navdeep Samanya Gyan Tatha Boudhik Star Pariksha (0-8 in Hindi)

The Navdeep Samanya Gyan Tatha Boudhik Star Pariksha (0-8) series is the Hindi translation of Orient General Knowledge and I.Q.Tests books. The popularity of the English version prompted us to take out its Hindi version. It is a 'must have' for Hindi medium students. Each book contains ample exercises to test and improve not only the awareness of a child about the world but also to sharpen his/her I.Q.

Testing Time (1-8)

The Testing Time (1-8) series is an attempt to synthesize and integrate general knowledge and the environment into a unified pattern. It is, in effect, an effort at a holistic approach and makes an attempt at a collection of fragmentary knowledge that the child already has into an integrated whole. It also supplies the child with knowledge about those areas of his daily life that he is likely to be curious about. It is aimed at developing the habit of questioning and learning, at developing an attitude of inquiry that will make a student eager to learn more about his environment – from the world around him to more specific areas of knowledge.

Treasure of Knowledge (0-8)

The Treasure of Knowledge (0-8) series is a general knowledge series with a difference. Although it uses the time-tested method of three units: Topical Exercises, Miscellaneous Exercises and IQ Tests with the sequence of topics following a logical pattern, the series gives a much wider scope of knowledge to learners. The Topical Exercises have suggestions for teachers and the Miscellaneous Exercises are given so that students are able to perform the task without reference to the teacher. The precisely graded IQ tests reveal the IQ level of the child and his aptitude. The series is a must have for any learner.

Gyan Sagar (0-8 in Hindi)

The Gyan Sagar (0-8) series is the Hindi translation of Treasure of Knowledge. It is a trend-setting series of General Knowledge and I.Q. Test Quiz Books for the Hindi medium students. Exercises of each book are so framed that they give learners ample opportunity to augment his/her knowledge and intellect.

Test Your Knowledge (1-8)

The Test Your Knowledge (1-8) series of general knowledge books picks up the pearls from the vast ocean of knowledge and presents them to learners in the form of well-graded topical exercises. The Help Boxes, provided with exercises (wherever required) help the learners to attempt these exercises with ease. The learners are further encouraged to increase their awareness of the world around them through Polly Parrot's Fact Kit. A large number of interesting facts, given under Little Facts (in Book 1 and 2) and Did You Know? (in Book 3 to 8), are integrated in the series to captivate the learner's interest and invoke her/his curiosity. Books 6, 7 and 8 have Self-Study Exercises to give learners an explanation of the things that they see happening around them everyday but have no idea why they happen. These sections are sure to help learners to take a keener interest in the various subjects that they study so that they delve deeper into them and construct new knowledge based on their own studies, observation and understanding.