The EVS and Science Range

Science and EVS (teaching of Science and Social Studies in an integrated manner) are the most important subjects in the school curricula to develop scientific temperament amongst learners. The science section of our Science and EVS Range, mainly comprises of the main science series is Orient General Science which aims at developing a scientific temper amongst learners. The EVS section has four series. We were among the first to bring out a series on environmental studies titled 'Navdeep Environmental Studies' as early as in the 80's to cater to this need. The range has now been extended further to include It's Our World, My EVS Book and Exploring Our Environment.

Orient General Science (KG – 5)

The Orient General Science (KG – 5) series, based on the science syllabus of NCERT, is activity based and supplemented by beautiful and attractive illustrations. The element of variety induced in this series aims at making learning Science fun, interesting and a lively experience for learners. The series is also available in Hindi as Hamara Sansar (Samanaya Vigyan) and in Punjabi as Navdeep Samanaya Vigyan.

              Orient General Science                            Hamara Sansar                          Navdeep Samanaya Vigyan

Navdeep Environmental Studies (0, 1, 2)

Navdeep Environmental Studies (0, 1, 2) is a picture-cum-text book for class I children and guide book for teachers and parents with which they can involve the children in a lot of activities from the material available in their environment.

It’s Our World (1-5)

The It's Our World (1-5) series attempts to translate NCERT's vision of the environmental education and environmental studies curriculum in an integrated manner. Keeping in view the perception of National Curriculum Framework, 2005 the series includes a Text-cum-Activity book with Teachers inputs for classes 1-5 in an integrated manner. The series explains concepts of science and EVS to learners and makes them aware of the issues of the environment so that they grow up to be environmentally aware citizens of the world.

My E.V.S. Book (1-5)

In keeping with the aims and objectives of the NCERTs curriculum, the My E.V.S. Book (1-5) series strives to nurture curiosity and creativity amongst learners in relation to varied social, cultural, physical and biological aspects of their environment by engaging them into exploratory and hands-on activities. This lays a solid foundation for a thought-process in the learner's mind that would eventually help her/him grow into a responsible citizen of the world.

Exploring Our Environment (Introductory, 1-3)

Exploring Our Environment (Introductory, 1-3) is a series of books written for learners of the primary level and symbolizes our efforts to shift focus from 'teaching the child', to 'letting the child learn'. An earnest effort has, therefore, been made through the books to give children on opportunity to seek and construct knowledge in a ‘learner-centered’ manner through Picture-Text cum Activity Workbooks. Appropriate suggestions are included for the teachers regarding how to handle various situations to ensure interaction in learning sessions.