The English Language Range

English is a universal language taught and spoken worldwide by more than 70% of the world population. No other language is so versatile and popular as the English language. A thorough knowledge of English is a pre-requisite to develop an understanding in virtually all spheres of learning, be it Science, Computers, Mathematics or Medicine and a must for global readiness in the 21st century. Keeping this in view, an attempt has been made by us to produce a series of books in English, which are simple and easily understood, in the form of our English Language Range.

Orient English Series (KG-8)

Reader – Introductory 1 & 2 and Book 1-8
Workbook – Introductory 1 & 2 and Book 1-5

The Orient English (KG-8) series has been written based on a popular syllabus followed by institutions while teaching children English. The main objective behind the series is to expose the children to new and varied sentence structures and vocabulary so as to enable them to use English correctly and effectively. Reading and writing tasks have also been intelligently incorporated in the text, its exercises and the workbooks to help children in expanding and retaining the linguistic patterns, which they learn along the way. The series is proving extremely effective in facilitating learning of the English language among children.

Daisy English Series (A, B, 1-5)

Reader – A, B, Book 1-5
Workbook – 1 to 5

The Daisy series (A, B, 1-5), using the most modern principles of English teaching, is written based on the belief that a child learns best when her/his interest is aroused. The series, therefore, incorporates a wide variety of stories and poems which have been put together keeping in mind the child's environment and imagination. The language is that of everyday use and places the learners from the very start, in the normal atmosphere of their classrooms and homes. The series is sure to encourage the young minds to nurture a love for the language.

Pioneer English Grammar and Composition (1-5)

The Pioneer English Grammar and Composition (1-5) series is available in the form of five well graded books. The series has been brought out with a fervent endeavour to acquaint the young learners with all that is abundantly needed to give them a thorough and well-graded insight into the grammatical usage of the English language. Each step of the series, in a detailed way, caters to the genuine needs of the students for whom the step (book) is intended.

Essential English Grammar and Composition (1-5)

The Essential English Grammar and Composition (1-5) series helps learners understand English grammar in a functional, comprehensive, informal and enjoyable manner. Each unit throws open to students a variety of simple examples from where they can draw their own generalizations and confirm them thereafter. The series has a section on Word Power that equips learners with a good vocabulary and a Composition Section for students to express their own ideas, using their creativity and originality. The section on Writing Exercises, which includes letter writing, paragraph writing, essay writing and diary-entries helps to develop the learner's creative skills.

Good Conversation Series (1-5)

Speech is the most crucial aspect of a language since it is the best tool of communication. Unlike the mother tongue, where no conscious effort is required to acquire a conversational ability; for a language such as English, a concerted effort in understanding the structural base of the language is a must. And this is best acquired through practice. The Good Conversation (1-5) series gives regular practice of the fundamentals to learners and helps them break new grounds and master the art of conversation effectively and effortlessly and helps in gaining self-confidence.

Art of Conversation (1-5)

Speech happens to be a crucial aspect of English whereby one can learn to communicate ideas and thoughts effectively by using the language correctly, appropriately and fluently. The Art of Conversation (1-5) series, therefore, gives extensive practice in the art of English conversation. The series comprises a set of five books based on the concept that a language is learnt best when used most. Through the series, a sincere effort has been made to relate the content of the series to real-life situations. The series comes alive with relevant illustrations that go with the content; thereby making it easier to absorb and visually more appealing to the learner.

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