Navdeep CompuTechTM Package Series

The Navdeep CompuTechTM Package is the # 1 IT package in India for school education with seven series and numerous innovative IT services. One is sure to suit your specific need.

The Brain Game 1-10

The launch pad of the Navdeep CompuTechTM Package was the Brain Game Series (1-10) that introduced computer education in schools more than a decade and a half ago. Received with open arms, it has become an essential and integral part of computer education today. Its revised version with clear concepts, lucid explanations and well designed exercises is carrying on the pioneering effort. The series continues to provide learners with the required nutrition to meet any IT challenges that may come their way.

Opening New Windows 1- 10

In the new millennium, the Navdeep CompuTechTM Package launched its Millennium Series – Opening New Windows (1-10). Its revised edition with latest theoretical and practical learning; systematic explanation of concepts; graphics, illustrations and exercises is sure to pique the interest of learners. The series incorporate a total virtual approach with plentiful illustrations, diagrams and funfilled comic characters and at the same time will learn the students to the worldwide latest IT scenario.

LOG ON … to the Computer World 1-12

The Navdeep CompuTechTM Package would be incomplete without LOG ON … to the Computer World Series (1-12). The series was published as a Text-cum Practical HandBook and Teacher's Guide based on the GIVE (Graded; Integrated; Value Inculcating; Explanation Based) LEARNING MODULE. The Practical HandBook section of the series gives extensive practical exercises, activities and projects. The Teacher's Guide section of the series gives sufficient Teacher's Inputs for 'conceptual clarification', 'explanation' and 'demonstration'. With the LOG ON series, learners are sure to be able to 'log on to the computer world' with ease. The senior books: CBSE 9 & 10 and ICSE 9 & 10; CBSE C++ 11 & 12 (code 083) and CBSE Informatics Practices 11 & 12 (code --) comprehensively prepare the students for taking the Theory and Practical Examinations of the respective Boards so that they excel in these examinations.

CompAct 1-8

The Theory-cum-Practical Series of the Navdeep CompuTechTM Package is CompAct (1-8). Keeping in mind that many institutions teach Theory and Practical contents separately, the contents of the books of this series are organised at two levels: first at the Theory Level within chapters and then at the Practical Level in the form of Activities, Projects and Worksheets after the chapter text. The Theory Contents can be used during the Theory-Room Sessions in a simple manner. The explanations are simply worded and come with the life examples wherever possible, for better understanding. The Practical aspect of the content is given at the end of the chapters in the form of Worksheets, Activity Time, Project Time and Fun Time. This section caters to the Lab-Sessions and reads like an Activity HandBook giving sufficient Practical Hands-On experience to learners so as to help them become adept at the use of computers.

Beyond Windows Book 1-8

Beyond Windows a computer series, which will take students ahead of others in Windows and MS Office. It foresees the future of IT developments and nurtures the young generation in that direction. -The series incorporates a total visual approach for better understanding of steps involved in practical activities. -The chpaters are supplemented with plentiful illustrations, diagrams and 'fun filled' comic characters. -All the definitions are highlighted for better impact.

A Course in Computers 1-8

The Visual Approach Series of the Navdeep CompuTechTM Package is A Course in Computers (1-8). The series teaches computers to youngsters using the visual approach to help them imbibe concepts in a fun and precise manner. The series is the result of an effort to build a comprehensive learning package that provides learners a fun visual platform through the use of clip-arts, digital pictures and hand drawn illustrations to grasp the nitty-gritty's of computer wonder. The series is sure to meet the challenge of the ever-changing IT environment in which concept building and understanding fundamentals is the foundation for everything and anything higher and complex.

Fastrack to Computers

Fastrack: To the world of Computers, a series of eight books for classes 1 to 8 is our newest series of the Navdeep CompuTechTM Package. It is meant for students who want to stay on the fast track in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology. Besides Computer Fundaments, Office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access), Internet Applications and programming concepts, the books of the series cover the popular designing, web building and graphic software. Latest trends and developments in the field of computing have been given adequate coverage to ensure that children stay on the 'Fast track' of the everchanging world of Information Technology.

Make your own Package with the Simple Dose series

The feather in the cap of the Navdeep CompuTechTM Package is the Simple Dose Series. This innovative series of books arms the educational institutions with the tools to Package their Own Curriculum. The Simple Dose series includes books on almost all software, programming languages and other aspects of computer science taught at schools (at basic as well as advanced levels). To cater to the level of the learners, the series teaches at two levels: Beginners Level & Advanced Level. Some of the topics covered by the books of this series are as follows:

Computer Fundamentals     MS Word          MS Excel       MS PowerPoint
MS FrontPage              MS Access        MS Outlook     Using the Internet
HTML                      QBasic           Flash          CorelDraw
Photoshop                 Visual Basic     SQL            C++

With the help of different books of the Simple Dose Series, all that institutions need to do is to Package their own Curriculum and take the books and the levels that they need to meet the requirement of their IT Curriculum Package. If required, our team of authors can also help in the packaging of the IT Curriculum after understanding the instructions specific requirements.

Tailor-Made Packages

The Navdeep CompuTechTM Package also offers options to institutions to make Tailor-Made Packages. Many States Boards and Group Schools have evolved a curriculum of their own to suit their specific requirements. We offer flexibility for institutions by authoring books specially catered to the requirements of Group Schools, Institutions, Boards, etc. One such project that we have undertaken for the Punjab School Education Board is the Computers Made Easy series. When they introduced the syllabus of computers into their curriculum for classes 6 to 10, the Navdeep CompuTechTM Package Team packaged this series to specifically cater to the syllabus of the Board for them.

If you need to package IT books specifically for your curriculum, the Navdeep CompuTechTM Package has a solution for you. Feel free to contact us at or call Mr. Anil Vasudeva at 0091-9810106140.