The Art & Craft Range

Art and craft lays the basis of creativity amongst learners. Our Art & Craft Range comprises of a variety of books that are fun not just for the children but also for teachers and parents. The books of the series are helping learners become adept at various Art and Craft techniques which they can use to develop and express their creative skills.

With Flying Colours

With Flying Colours is one of the most innovative educational materials published by our publication. This is an interactive and activity-based Art and Craft Guide designed essentially for adults, specifically for teachers and parents. This book seeks to inspire them to visualize and formulate new experiments in creative arts so that they can infuse a similar desire in children, who are only beginners in the field. With Flying Colours is a must buy as a library reference.

Young Scholars Art Book (0-1, 0-2)

Young Scholars Art Book (0-1, 0-2) is one of the trend-setting series of art books from our publication. For years, the books of this series have been teaching young learners the techniques to draw and colour in an easy manner, helping to spark their creative instincts.

My Art Book (1-8)

The My Art Book (1-8) series is a pioneering effort to take out art books based on the latest NCERT guidelines for introducing this subject in the mainstream educational curriculum in a graded manner. The series aims to pique the imagination of learners by giving them a variety of experiences in different techniques of using colours, compositions and space, so as to lay a solid foundation in art.

Rangoli (A, B, 1-5)

Since practice is a must in Art and Craft, the Rangoli (A, B, 1-5) series gives practice worksheets to learners from pre-primary to primary classes (1 to 5) to draw and colour on. These books are a value-add-on to any creativity package for learners.

Orient Art & Craft (A, B, C, 1-8)

The Orient Art and Craft (A, B, C, 1-8) series uses an integrated approach to teach art & craft together. They are based on the guidelines set by NCERT for integrating these into the main stream. The Art Section of the book starts with simple drawings and colouring, gradually leading the students to skill building through more complex work such as landscapes, still life, colour shading and painting techniques. The Craft Section introduces young minds to the wonderous realms of craft by letting them work with different media and materials such as clay, glass, cardboard, wood, paper, fabrics, etc. In both cases, the aim is to spark the child's imagination and nurture her/his skills of observation, creativity and experimentation in a world of limitless options.

Expressions in Art / Expressions in Craft (A, B, C, 1-8)

The Expressions in Art (A, B, C, 1-8) and Expressions in Craft (A, B, C, 1-8) are two separate series of Art & Craft books based on the guidelines set by NCERT for introducing these subjects in the mainstream educational curriculum, in a graded manner. Both the series are aimed at developing skills and nurturing talent in these wonderful areas of creative expression.