Navdeep Publications has been publishing books since 1938. They have brought innovation in education for students using the Holistic Approach to Learning and Student-Centered Learning. We have offices in New Delhi (HO), Bangalore (branch) and Jalandhar (branch) along with a Sales & Distribution Network in the whole of India and in the Middle East.

The Information Technology Books

Since the Holistic Approach to Learning, is the company's motto, we feel that no student is completely educated till he/she receives IT Education. Working towards imparting IT education, the company has brought out two series of IT education books entitled The Brain Game and Opening New Windows - up to higher secondary classes.

The Navdeep EduTechTM Package

We feel that it is simply not enough to teach the prescribed school curriculum along with the use of computers. What is actually required is to go one step further and teach the curriculum through the use of IT based educational material. Imagine teaching not only Information Technology through the use of computers but Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences as well - in fact virtually every subject. In trying to gear up for this EduTechTM Revolution, the company has brought out the Navdeep EduTechTM Package of products and services. The Navdeep EduTechTM Package aims at giving Indian students and schools IT based educational material. This comprises of products and services in the form of CD ROMs Intranet and Internet based products or combinations there off. The first of the series of products of the Navdeep EduTechTM Package are the One Up Series CD ROM's.

This is simply the first from the Navdeep Publications banner. Our development team is working around the clock to make available - educational material and services of the highest form, which keep the Indian heritage alive while it prepares students for the 21st Century.

Our Product Range

Our Product Range includes several hundred titles - in English, Hindi and Regional languages. These include educational material for Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle, Secondary & Senior Secondary school children based on the NCERT/CBSE curriculum. Having a vast range of curricular and co-curricular books for the Pre-Primary and the Primary school going child, the company has opened a door for value-based story telling for children through the recently launched Orient Story series - a series of Story Books for class V to class VIII, which have an interesting format, are amply illustrated to hold the child's attention.

Students Centred Learning Material

We have made Students Centered Learning our corporate mission. The importance of educational material based on this approach is tremendous. We have thus launched the Navdeep Toppers Manuals range of Self-help for 10th and 12th Board preparation. Books for other classes will come out in due course.